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intermediate tread stairs bottom filler panel
Intermediate Tread Standard Color Gray
12" Deep x 2" x 1/8"
• Heavy duty algrip stair treads won’t sag or dish.
Type (F)
Bottom Filler Panel
• Fire proof construction.
• Meets IBC requirements.
• Standard finish gray powder coat, others available
   upon request.
Available in
Galvanized Finish
• Tread depths are 12" deep algrip plate.
Algrip Slip Resistant Treads are manufactured through a patented CNC laser
deposition process in which hundreds of rugged, custom alloy slip-resistant
laser deposits are delivered to each square foot of a substrate.
CARBON STEEL - plate and grating products intended for pedestrian traffic
are manufactured with ASTM A-1011 steel substrates. For structural appli-
cations, ASTM A-36 steel plate and bars are available. Carbon steel products
can be provided with a mill finish, painted or hot dip galvanized after fabrication.
Technical Slip Resistant Information is Provided Below Price Table.

NEW! Optional Finishes!

Our standard finish is a powder coat gray.
Now we are pleased to offer our products with a hot-dipped galvanized finish or in a
Two Part System which is powder coat over a hot-dipped galvanized undercoat.

1. Two components are listed here to complete a
    closed riser system., intermediate treads which
    overlap one another (Type I), and a bottom filler
    plate used at the bottom of a stair (Type F). Select
    desired number of intermediate treads for riser from
    6" to 7" and one filler panel per stair.
3. Select desired finish - standard is gray powder coat
    with black or blue also available. Galvanized treads
    are also available as standard. Other colors available
    upon request. Unpainted treads are available at the
    same price as powder coat finish.
4. Minimum galvanized tread order quantity is 10. For
    For galvanized orders less than 10 add $144.00.
2. Select desired tread width.
5. Special sizes quoted upon request.

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Tread Width Tread Type Finish Wt. Ea. Lbs. Model No. Price Ea.
36 I-INT Powder Coat 36 ALGTRD-36-I-CLP
36 F-FILLER Powder Coat 11 ALGTRD-36-F-CLP
36 I-INT Galvanized 36 ALGTRD-36-I-CLG
36 F-FILLER Galvanized 11 ALGTRD-36-F-CLG
36 I-INT Duplex 36 ALGTRD-36-I-CLD
36 F-FILLER Duplex 11 ALGTRD-36-F-CLD
44 I-INT Powder Coat 43 ALGTRD-44-I-CLP
44 F-FILLER Powder Coat 14 ALGTRD-44-F-CLP
44 I-INT Galvanized 43 ALGTRD-44-I-CLG
44 F-FILLER Galvanized 14 ALGTRD-44-F-CLG
44 I-INT Duplex 43 ALGTRD-44-I-CLD
44 F-FILLER Duplex 14 ALGTRD-44-F-CLD
48 I-INT Powder Coat 47 ALGTRD-48-I-CLP
48 F-FILLER Powder Coat 15 ALGTRD-48-F-CLP
48 I-INT Galvanized 47 ALGTRD-48-I-CLG
48 F-FILLER Galvanized 15 ALGTRD-48-F-CLG
48 I-INT Duplex 47 ALGTRD-48-I-CLD
48 F-FILLER Duplex 15 ALGTRD-48-F-CLD

While selection of the appropriate substrate is important, the true life cycle of safety
flooring is traditionally determined by the durability of the slip-resistant properties of
the walking surface. This is where your investment in Algrip begins to pay dividends.
algrip slip resistant stair treads
The traction providing laser depositions of Algrip Flooring Products have been tested
for hardness and adherence by independent testing laboratories. The results of these
tests assure that Algrip will provide unsurpassed service life.
Laboratory analysis has measured the hardness of Algrip traction providing custom
alloy laser depositions at up to 60 on the Rockwell C Scale. Under repetitious pe-
destrian and vehicular traffic, these deposits will provide continuous, safe, effective service.
The cross-sectional photograph above illustrates the deep penetration of the symmetrical laser deposition into a steel
substrate. Laboratory tested, the deposition penetrates the substrate and is enclosed by a strengthened heat affected
zone. The resulting bond strength, combined with the proven disposition hardness provides unsurpassed durability
regardless of wear or abrasion.
The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over 20% of all compensable industrial injuries result from
slips and falls. Often these accidents occur when liquids, lubricants or foreign materials have accumulated on floors,
stairs or work platforms.
For these challenging applications, the
unique matrix application of Algrip laser
deposits provides unparalleled slip resis-
tance in all directions. Plate products are
manufactured with more than 1,000
deposits per square foot. Shoe and tire
materials completely encircle and "grab"
the deposits. Worker safety and employer
protections are significantly enhanced with
each installation of Algrip.
Slip-resistance is commonly tested in laboratory setting by measuring for static coefficient of friction (CCF) in
accordance with ASTM procedure C-1028. This testing procedure assigns a value to the traction surface while
that surface is tested under wet and dry conditions. Because the greatest concern for slip resistance relates to work/
pedestrian safety, this procedure can be further refined to test each condition using samples of two popular shoe sole
materials, rubber and neolite (composition). The results of these tests are expressed in numerical values with higher
values indicating increased slip-resistance.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends that walking surfaces maintain a minimum
COF of 0.50. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommends that level walking surfaces maintain a more
stringent 0.80 COF.
The following results demonstrate that Algrip Plate and Grating products exceed
published Federal Guidelines in all conditions!
open riser plate treads
Slip Resistant Closed Riser Algrip Stair Treads, Closed Riser Algrip Steel Stair Treads, Anti-Slip Treads, Galvanized Stair Treads,
Exterior Stair Treads, Indoor Stair Treads, Metal Replacement Stair Treads, Outdoor Stair Treads, and Out Door Stair Treads from
your source fro material handling equipment.
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