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Shelters feature rugged welded steel construction for
strength and durability. Side panels are constructed of clear
tempered glass. The top is made from clear polycarbonate
sheet. Mounting plates include concrete lags for installation.
Ships knock down, assembly required.

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Model No. Usable Size (W x D x H) Overall Size (W x D x H) Net Wt. (lbs.) Price ea.
SSH-7939-80 69 3/4" x 37 1/2" x 77 3/16" 76 1/4" x 49 5/16" x 83 9/16" 270 $2,976.75
Anchor Bolts for Concrete (1) 3/8" x 3"
Anchor Bolts for Concrete (4) 3/8" x 3"

Instructions for Assembling the Smoking Shed

smoking shelter bus stop smoking shelter bus stop hardware
Diagram number Description Quantity
1 Roof Assembly 1
2 *Right Side Assembly* 1
3 *Left Side Assembly* 1
4 Vertical Support 1
5 Horizontal Support 4
6 Plastic Panel 2
7 Single-Sided Panel Brackets 2
8 Double-Sided Panel Bracket 1
9 Panel Top Bracket 2
10 5/16 x 2-1/4 inch Roof Fastening Bolt 5
11 5/16 inch Nylock Nut 5
12 #12 x 7/8 inch LG Tek Screw 29
13 #12 x 1-1/4 inch LG Tek Screw 6
14 Rubber-backed washer 6
15 Flat Washer 6
* The side assemblies are named “left”and “right”
from the perspective of a person standing in front
of the shelter.
Step 1: Assemble the supporting framework for the plastic panels.
Step 2: Attach the supporting framework to each of the side assemblies.
a.) Each side of the roof
     assembly includes
     bracket holes. Notice
     that the rear bracket
     hole is positioned
     close to an end, while
     the front bracket hole
     is inset ~8-10 inches
     from the front edge
     of the roof.
b.) Set the roof
      assembly into
      the roof brackets.
c.) Fasten the roof
     assembly to each
     roof bracket with a
     2-1/4 inch bolt.
     Tighten a nylock nut
     onto each bolt.
Step 4: Attach the double-sided bracket to the vertical support.
a. Drill holes in the center portion of the double-sided
    bracket. Drill a hole approximately 1 inch from each
    end. Drill 5 more holes evenly spaced between the
    top and bottom holes. Clamp the bracket to the
    vertical support so that the top of the bracket aligns
    with the dotted line shown in photo a (approx.
    1-1/4 inch from the top of the horizontal support).
    Drill holes in the vertical support that match the
    holes you just drilled in the bracket. Start a
    #12 x 7/8 inch LG Tek Screw in the top hole of
    the double-sided bracket. Match the end of the
    screw with the top hole in the vertical support.
b. Place a #12 x 7/8 inch LG Tek Screw in each
    of the remaining holes.
NOTE: Installing the plastic panels may require some
looseness in the connection between the vertical
support and the double-sided bracket.
Step 5: Install the plastic panels.
a & b. Slide a plastic panel into the right
side of the double-sided bracket. Notice
that each panel is covered by a thin sheet
of plastic. The protective covering will
indicate which side of a panel is the
exterior. Remove the plastic covering
from both sides of each panel. Insert the
panel into the bracket with the exterior
side facing outwards. Line up the top of
the panel with the dashed white line shown
in photo b.
c. Slide a single-sided panel bracket onto
the free end of the panel. Align the top of
the bracket with the bottom of the horizontal
support (dotted line).
d. Tap the single-sided panel bracket onto
the panel to ensure a secure connection.
Clamp the bracket to the side assembly.
Drill a hole at each end of the bracket and
inset them approximately 1 inch. Drill
through the bracket and into the side
e. Fasten the bracket to the side assembly
    using #12 x 7/8 inch Tek screws.
f. Connect the bottom of the panel to the
horizontal support. Drill 3 evenly-spaced
holes through each of the panels and into
the horizontal support behind it.
Wind a rubber-backed washer onto a
¾ inch #10 Tek screw, and then slide a
flat washer onto the screw, and then fasten
the panel to the horizontal support.
Repeat steps “a” through “g” with the other panel.

If you had to loosen the screws holding the double-sided
bracket to the vertical support(step 4), retighten the
g. Slide the top bracket over the top of
the panel.
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